#journchat: My First Twitter Chat Experience

As a PR student, you would think I’d have at least a little bit of experience with Twitter Chats. Until today, I definitely did NOT. I was actually a little bit clueless as to just how a Twitter Chat worked, so I googled it and came up with this little gem to help me in my endeavor to participate in the elusive “Twitter Chat” scene.

I have to say, I was skeptical at first, but I think this was a great experience! With social media like Twitter and LinkedIn, professionals have an unprecedented opportunity to dialogue with others in their industry from all over the country and the world.

I loved being able to not only ask questions of seasoned professionals, but read the opinions of journalists, PR people and other students. The main questions asked by the moderator sponsored great discussions about the dichotomy between traditional and citizen journalism, the relationship with PR pros and journalists, and tips for new journalists and new PR professionals as they enter the workforce.

The best part about it was seeing people comment and tweet to one another in real time. This is a concept that puts the functions of Twitter in a microcosm of a small group of members Tweeting one another which gave me a renewed perspective on how Twitter works and why it’s so effective for communication. A Twitter chat just concentrates the members participating in conversation and condenses the time between responses by scheduling a chat at one time.

The great thing about this Twitter chat in particular, #journchat, is great because it’s well established and brings together a wide variety of professionals from the journalism and PR professions. The conversation is much more diverse and much more beneficial to the participants when there is a diverse crowd involved.

I also loved seeing my number of followers increase just slightly as chat participants chose to follow me. I also followed them back, as well as some other chat participants that I am interested in communicating with in the future.

All in all, I think this Twitter chat was a beneficial experience for professionals, however I’m not sure how well this concept would work for other types of chats. I’ll have to look into other kinds of Twitter chats, not related to professional conversation, in order to learn more about Twitter chats in general.

I’m glad I finally have some experience with this unique way to utilize what Twitter has to offer!


One thought on “#journchat: My First Twitter Chat Experience

  1. Wow, Rachel. You seemed to get the whole Twitter “chat” thing. I, unfortunately, have never had success with these things. It is really difficult to follow the questions and answers — what happens if you respond to an answer and are completely wrong? would you confuse someone else?

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